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By Rhianydd Webb, May 17 2018 01:08PM

Just a short blog post this week. Did you catch the last post? Scroll down to read it.

Wafer paper peony class review

I was totally blown away today with the wonderful and kind words from Mr Bakers Blog in the review on my wafer paper peony class.

We really did have a fabulous day and the results were truly gorgeous.

I amalways excited to see what students can produce, even having never worked with wafer paper or indeed sugarcraft! Wafer paper really is a versatile medium.

wafer paper peonies
wafer paper peonies

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They really did a fabulous job didn't they. And to prove that they were pleased with the results, look at these happy faces.

Thank you so much everyone for coming to the class and putting all your enthusiasm into your work.

My lovely students
My lovely students

So.....without further ado, here is the link to the wonderful blog post. Thank you so much Rob

Spectacular Pakistan Collaboration

Wow! I really didn't think my sculpted bust of Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi would get that response. I was genuinely moved reading the wonderful comments both from people actually living in Pakistan who have respected Mr Edhi's work, and from accomplished sugarcrafters all over the world. I would like to say thank you, I will treasure them.

Royal Wedding

Yes Yes I know that is all that we see on the internet this week, but a Royal Wedding is always exciting and when it is the wonderful Prince Harry marrying the fabulous Meghan, well what more could you want.

One cake decorator blew everyone away with an incredible piece of work that was released this week, and I know it has been blogged everywhere and been on every newspaper, website and every social media platform you can think of, but it would be remiss of me not to pop it in here too. It was cake.............all cake! Yes I know there is structure, but that is essential, but wow! What an amazing cake indeed! Visit her page on the link below to read all about the journey to create the cake and then you will respect her even more! Also pop along to Mr Bakers Blog as he has an exclusive interview with her.

Huge Congratulations Lara Mason of Lara Mason Cake Art I absolutely can't wait to see it in the flesh (or the cake!!!) at Cake International this November. I think it will break records for the most selfies!

Lara with the incredible cake
Lara with the incredible cake

Henleys Cake Company

I am really excited to be returning to Hilarys lovely shop this Saturday to teach little Katy the Skater. Always such a wonderful warm welcome, and I always have to get some shopping in when I am there.

Katy Skater
Katy Skater

Renshaw Academy

I return to the incredible Renshaw Academy on Tuesday to teach again and am really looking forward to saying hi not only to the students but the fab staff and eating a fab lunch. I think you get the gist, it ireally is a great place to teach.

Buttercream sharp edges class
Buttercream sharp edges class

Weekly classes

Don't forget everyone, no class until week commencing the 4th of June due to other teaching and cake commitments. If you have any queries in the meantime, drop me an email, or pop into our secret FB class group and ask questions. Even if I am locked in a classroom somewhere, one of my lovely group will always be able to answer your questions.

Until next week, hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing. I wonder how many of you will be eating lemon and elderflower cake ;)

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