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By Rhianydd Webb, May 24 2018 04:39PM


Are you getting insane amounts of emails into your inbox? I most definitely am, so I decided that as it is a brand new blog which I set up when this GDPR stuff had all started anyway, that it would be easier anyway. So, I have just popped a little about it into your weekly email which you will receive at 6pm today as normal.

I did decide though, that you can only get one email a week now from me (lets save those inboxes), whereas previously you got one if I posted a new blog post. This way, you will just get a weekly roundup instead. Better? Hope so.

So lets talk fun stuff instead.

The Sweet Easy Gatsby Inspired Collaboration

This has literally just been released and its a good 'un! There are incredible artists in the group but as usual, I had a minimal amount of time I could spend, so what did I create? A cute little evening bag that can be carried from Rice Krispie Treats, Saracino and of course the fabulous Drageekiss.

So pop on over to see all the images, you will be blown away, I promise you!

My contribution for the Sweet Easy Drageekiss collaboration
My contribution for the Sweet Easy Drageekiss collaboration

What else has happened this week?

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Welcome to my Blog.


Anyone who has been to one of my classes or Demonstrations knows that I am passionate about my craft.  I wholeheartedly believe that knowledge should be shared, so if I know something, I will happily tell you.


This includes my love of what I call the History of Sugarcraft in our lifetime.  


I started cake decorating in 1995, learning from books and from attending British Sugarcraft Guild meetings with all the fabulous demonstrators.


So I hope we will see you here again



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