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By Rhianydd Webb, Sep 9 2018 05:48PM

September brings the start of colour in the trees.........well, Autumn is my favourite season after all..........the final blackberries and berries in the hedgerows and the start of cosy evenings in.

But most importantly, ....................CLASSES START BACK NEXT WEEK! :D

The summer break feels longer and longer each year, but I am so excited to be back to weekly classes tomorrow to see familiar and new faces alike.

We have a fab variety of subjects on offer this term and I simply can't wait.

So what else happened in August? Read on to find out.

By Rhianydd Webb, Apr 8 2018 11:32PM

The blog function on my website has been here for .......................oh, well, as long as I have had my business, so lets not dwell on how long that is *cough* years! *cough*

Daft about Dragons? Temporary name until I find one that I fancy (just a play on dragons and daffs lol)

I have a few items on my wish list for the blog. The first is because not everyone uses facebook, instagram, twitter etc, so I figured this would be a great way of keeping you updated.

But what else?

Well, .............................

You Tube

I have already started posting on my re-claimed you tube channel.

(A big thank you to those at You Tube who helped me to regain my gmail email address that was how I accessed my channel).

Hence the ancient swarovski crystal cake jewellery tutorial on crystal flowers that goes with the full PDF that I will shortly be re-releasing after it is refreshed.

I want to bring us back to basics first on my channel, and will initially be covering sugarcraft skills that are always assumed and not taught everywhere.

Skills in sugarcraft have soared in the last few years, and lately, I get a lot of queries about basic skills

* How to cover a cake

* What are the tools called and what are they for

* How do you make your figures look in proportion (Watch my teddy bear tutorial for the introduction to that)

So that is where I will be starting, but make sure you subscribe because I have other tutorials underway for those with more experience including my sugar snail. www.youtube.com/user/dragonsanddaffodils

Sugarcrafter Interviews

Last Year, I interviewed an incredible lady who has been hugely influential in the world of sugarcraft, and now I am ready to share. So that will be in the next blog post.

The fabulous blog from Mr Bakers Blog featuring your weekly slice of something sweet already interviews incredible sugarcrafters. So make sure you subscribe because he really does have his finger on the pulse! www.blog.mrbakerscakes.co.uk/a-weekly-slice-of-something-sweet

I want to interview the innovators. Those that re-awakened sugarcraft in the UK. A little modern day Sugar History shall we say.

Weekly Classes

We have some fabulous subjects for the weekly classes in the summer term, so pop along to the website to see what is on offer. There are limited places available now, so make sure you sign up for the first week as we have lots to cover.

Next weekly classes after that will be in September. There is always a waiting list, as current students always get first refusal on a place the following term. www.dragonsanddaffodilsschool.com

Day Classes

There are also a selection of my day classes with spaces available. On my day classes, everything is included, there is even a pinny for you to wear during the class.

The subjects range from covering cakes to modelling to wafer paper, so there is something for everyone.

Portaleo Portmanteau UK Tour

I can't have a brand new blog without excited squealing (you will understand why in a minute ;) ) about who is visiting Pontypridd to teach................................


Anyone who went to Cake International last november will remember the incredible feature by two insanely talented cake artists - Daniel Dieguez and Karen Portaleo.

It was truly magical and captured everything I love about the cake world, where bakers and artists unite!

Well, Karen will be teaching her gorgeous Ballerina Pig (Hence the squealing ..........excuse the pun!) She has even designed a stunning logo for the tour and there will be exclusive merchandise too!

So pop along to www.sweetmediasolutions.co.uk to book your place!

I think that is enough excitement for one day, so I hope you will pop back every week for the latest news.

Speak soon


My YouTube Channel   -  Don't forget to subscribe
My YouTube Channel - Don't forget to subscribe
Sugar Snail Tutorial coming soon to my YouTube channel
Sugar Snail Tutorial coming soon to my YouTube channel
The Fabulous blog by Mr Bakers Blog ..............don't miss it!
The Fabulous blog by Mr Bakers Blog ..............don't miss it!
The Portaleo Portmanteau Tour logo designed by Karen Portaleo herself.
The Portaleo Portmanteau Tour logo designed by Karen Portaleo herself.
The fabulous Ballerina Pig  class that Karen will be teaching
The fabulous Ballerina Pig class that Karen will be teaching
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Welcome to my Blog.


Anyone who has been to one of my classes or Demonstrations knows that I am passionate about my craft.  I wholeheartedly believe that knowledge should be shared, so if I know something, I will happily tell you.


This includes my love of what I call the History of Sugarcraft in our lifetime.  


I started cake decorating in 1995, learning from books and from attending British Sugarcraft Guild meetings with all the fabulous demonstrators.


So I hope we will see you here again



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