Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Cake International Features

I have been so lucky to have been given the chance not once, not twice but three times to create features for Cake International.


Here I share the Facebook Lives that I made at the show to show you the features.


They are on my youtube channel.


Also on my facebook page are loads of photographs from the show about the pieces and their creations.


These couldn't have been done without my fabulous sponsors and I am so grateful.


Thank you to Melanie Underwood for the opportunity.


Away with the Faeries

November 2017

The Spiderwick Fieldguide

March 2017


What a weekend. This was a dream come true.


This feature had a live sculpt too.  Here you can see an image of the quarry dwarf being created at the show.


Click this link for more photographs from the show and information about the feature

The Faraway Tree

November 2016

This was so challenging.

Getting a 5'10" tall charachter down all the steps from our house, and Creating such large wafer paper flowers in the Autumn wet weather.  

But I was so pleased when I stood beneath that giant poppy when everything was all set up.


Click on this link for the information on the facebook page about the feature

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I absolutely loved everything about creating this feature.


It was an incredible time and the feedback blew me away.


I wouldn't have been able to do it without the kind permission from Tony DiTerlizzi.  Thank you also to Holly Black and Simon and Schuster.


Thank you to my very generous sponsors. Saracino, The Cake Decorating Company, Dinkydoodle, Massa Ticino, Magic Colours, Dummies Direct. Signs Express, Fabriliquid

image by cake international photographer Dan 620wide+2149235

This was such an amazing opportunity.


I grew up reading the Magic Faraway Tree books by Enid Blyton, and relished the opportunity to work from digital images of the first editions kindly provided by The Enid Blyton Society.


I was so greatful to my sponsors for providing the ingredients to create the piece.


Renshaw Baking, Magic Colours, Dinky Doodle by Dawn Butler, Dummies Direct, Signs Express

Cake International


* Cake international On Screen is a way that you can go to a cake show, enter competitions and even learn online. dI was honoured to judge in the April online show. Congratulations to all the wonderful winners.  CI On Screen was so successful that they are having another in June, so I have put the info in the gallery below.


* Cake International Learning hub   I am thrilled to be involved and demonstrated a wafer paper drift rose on the 14th May.  The class is still available to watch via the replay. Click here for my learning hub