Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Mon 7-9pm Garth Olwg



*Full to new students*

Wednesday class available at same venue

Garth Olwg Lifelong Learning Centre Monday 7-9  Sept Start 10 weeks £80

Church Village


Two Tier Halloween cake including modelled figure, bat jewellery; drapes on cake; lace textures. Reindeer model on final week


(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes


Week 1 10 september Ice cakes -  4” and 6” round cake dummies (4” tall), 10” round cake drum. Strong sharp knife; pastry brush, or spritzer bottle; Piece of lace or texture mat or foil to texture the paste. Chosen sugarpaste colour of your choice (can be blacks and purples, or creams and browns, or pink etc  4” needs 350g 6” cake needs 500g plus 300g to ice the board (Drapes will use additional paste, or the remainders from this) (Renshaw extra is a good brand, or other pastes plus CMC), long rolling pin; small sharp knife; cake smoothers including flexi smoothers. Icing sugar shaker. Box at least 14” tall (can be regular cardboard box to store and transport cake each week)

Week 2 24 September Witch Figure –  Bring Cake and 3 kebab skewers and one 24g wire and florist tape, Saracino pasta model (maximum of 250g in mixed colours) Colours to your choice ie black, purple, pink etc , but include 50g skintone and chosen hair colour. Can be coloured in class. Modelling paste, small board to work on, edible glue and brush, cornflour

Week 3 1st October Witch continued – bring as last week incl broom stick (incl a little brown paste model, or can use white and paint with brown dust or paste colours and mix with vodka or nielssen massey lemon extract)

Week 4 8th October Cake drapes and details – Remaining sugarpaste, rolling pin, small sharp knife, cmc, Renshaw flower and modelling paste (this can be coloured – it will be mixed half and half with the sugarpaste for the drapes), Paintbrush handles, or thin cake dowels to create the drapes (we will discuss this on week one), edible glue and brush, cornflour

Week 5 12th   November as last week

Week 6 19th  November Cake  details – cobblestone on base board (can be white paste 200g and either add black paste colour or black paste to marble) plus est. 300g green sugarpaste, nail brush and tweezers for the shrubs. We will add miniature rolled roses in your chosen colour (ie red, purple, black, or pink), bring modelling tools, small rolling pin, sharp knife, edible glue and cornflour.

Week 7 26th November Bat Brooch – No need to bring cake this week – Flower and modelling paste or flowerpaste (can be white and painted, or to match your colour scheme), Edible dragees in various sizes. Modelling tools, edible glue and cornflour, small sharp knife and rolling pin. Small box to store brooch in (can remain in college cupbard)

Week 8 3rd December Railings - ~Spaghetti (dried and uncooked), royal icing (can be ready made) or use own made gunge using left over flower paste and edible glue, chosen colours for railings (ie silver and black or gold) plus nielssen massey lemon extract to turn into paint, plus paintbrushes, palette, greaseproof paper in box to allow to dry.

Week 9 10th December  Complete Cake incl miniature leaves. – green flowerpaste plus modelling tools and rolling pin. All purpose veiner. Tiny leaf cutters or free hand cut (or can use tiny circle cutters)

Week 10 17th December  Cute Reindeer for Christmas Bring Saracino pasta model (to include brown or chestnut, tiny amount of red, white, small amount of black (or black dust or paste colours and vodka to paint), modelling tools, non stick board, small sharp knife



**Please note there there is no cancellation, refund or transfer of places on courses**

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