Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Mon 10-12



summer term 2018

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Left are subjects the six weekly classes completed in the summer term 2018. My examples left were created alongside the students work.


Top row:  , Wed 10-12; Mon 7-9

Bottom: Mon 10-12; Wed 6-8; Tues 10-1


Subjects for the next term are chosen by existing students.

*Due to Covid-19 this is now an online only class that will be done by fb live private group and potentially also with  shorter Zoom meetings for the detailed sections.


If you would like to book, you can do so via the shop. Once you have booked, email for information on how to join the new private fb groups.

Monday 10-12  April start 8 weeks £48 (reduced price online class) The class will be taught via a new private Facebook group using facebook lives and additional shorter zoom meeting sessions for tricky bits where you want to show me what you are making.  When you have enrolled, please email for information on how to join the group



Multi subject course

1. 6 weeks creating a Garden scene with modelled figure napping against a  hand painted and/or airbrushed upright backboard.  To include an optional wafer paper tree, isomalt water lily pond and potted clematis

2. 1 week making a wafer paper wild rose  

3. 1 week royal icing a cookie


Each week please check the list to see the ingredient and equipment required, but please assume that each week you need: modelling tools, work board, glue and brush, rolling pin, corn flour puff. kitchen roll.


equipment list to come by end of 15th April


Week 1 20th April - Royal Iced Cookie 

You will need - Cookie shape of your choice.  You can either bake or use whatever cookies /biscuits you already have eg rich tea.   Royal icing.  (can be made using 90g egg whitre - crack egg into jug, cover with cling film and leave overnight) plus 454g icing sugar.   Or you can use aquafaba(  - Open 1 400g tin of chick peas.  Cook the liquid only in a saucepan until it has reduced down to 100g, allow to cool overnight) and icing sugar.  Piping nozzles size 1/1.5/2 (any of those) piping bags either made from greaseproof paper (I can video this and put in the group) or disposable (if you don't have piping nozzles/tips then you can cut the end of the piping bags to 1mm or 1.5mm or 2mm width to simulate the size of the nozzle). Pin or scribe, gel colours (not liquid or airbrush colour) to colour your royal icing.  Spare icing sugar in case your royal icing is too soft.  palette knife, small bowls to be able to colour multiple bowls of different colours of royal icing.  cling film or damp tea towels to cover each bowl. small paintbrush to neaten your piping. Angle poise lamp if you already have one (with a bulb - I dont have one anymore lol) because it dries them faster.


Week 2 27th April  - Wafer paper wild rose.

You will need: wafer paper (can be airbrushed to your chosen colour in advance or left white), Conditioning method - Steamer (or saucepan of water on a simmer with a bowl in it and the lid propped on.) or you can use vodka, or you can use fabriliquid, or you can use glycerine mixed with water.  

Small paintbrush, edible glue with extra cmc added to make it thicker, or break up wafer paper to small pieces, put in ramekin and add small drops of water to dilute to make glue (add more water to thin if required ) pink gel colour to add to liquid conditioner methods, or colour and alcohol to mix to a paint to paint the petals if colouring from white.    Dust colours: pink, yellow, moss green. Small Stamen, 28g wire, nile green florist tape, scissors (I will provide a template). Rose petal or peony petal veiner, or dresden and flower pad (or your hand) to add texture to the petals,


Week 3 4th May – .Back board and begin painting.

You will need: either 10, 12, or 14" square boards x 2 (one of them should be a drum - the size is only relevant to how much space you want, or what you already have). glue gun and glue stick. nails and hammer or screws and screwdriver ( we want to hold one biard vertical and fix it to the back of the horizontal board). Spare cake card or cardboard, and scissors. (we will cut triangles to help fix the two boards together like using book ends).  Sugarpaste (we need maximum of 2kg for the course and only need to put a thin covering on the upright back board.  

To paint the board - I will demonstrate how to airbrush clouds and the sky and also show how to paint it if you don't have an airbrush. You will need: airbrush, colours, blue, yellow, green, brown, kitchen paper, cup of water and airbrush cleaner to clean airbrush.  sheets of paper to create masks, sugarpaste.  You will also need your regular gel or dust colours (yellow, green, brown, blue, black, white) in order to paint the scene, plus high strength alcohol to dilute, selection of paintbrushes of different sizes.


Week 4 18th May – Continue painting

You will need: as last week


Week 5 1st June – Scenery and wafer paper tree-

You will need: sugarpaste including green, brown for grass and earth plus grey (can add black to white to make marbled paste for rocks), nailbrush, rolling pin, sharp knife, water or edible glue and glue brush, modelling tools. Wafer paper coloured green (or follow instructions for wild rose week but include green food colour), silicone leaf veiner, 28g wires, nile green florist tape, brown florist tape, (use your chosen conditioning method from week 2). kitchen paper, strong scissors or wire cutters.


Week 6 8th June – Potted clematis plant

you will need: green and white Flowerpaste (or you can use air drying cold porcelain such as hearty soft deluxe by Artista soft, or modena (Artista soft stock them). Star cutter, or Jem/orchard six petal pointed blossom cutters, cocktail sticks, 28g florist wire, strong scissors, modelling tools, flower pad or hand, small sharp scissors, dusting colours in chosen colour for clematis flower (have a look on google for your favourite). no wires needed as we will be using the cocktail sticks as if they are support poles for the plant.


Week 7 22nd June – Sleeping modelled figure

you will need: I will be using Saracino modelling paste, but you can use sugarpaste and cmc  max of 150g needed.  Your chosen colours plus skintone. modelling tools, rolling pin, kebab skewer.


Week 8 6th July – Pond including water lily plant and isomalt water

You will need: foil, clear isomalt (can use pre-cooked nibs by Squires kitchen etc rather than cooking your own batch), blue gel colour to colour (or use pre-coloured isomalt nibs), silicone cupcake cases to melt the nibs in and pour with. cotton gloves and nitrile or marigold gloves to wear over the top to protect your hands.  kitchen blow torch, spray glaze. Flowerpaste or modelling paste or  sugar paste and cmc, (you will need white and green coloured paste) small daisy cutter. scalpel or sharp knife, modelling tools, flower pad (or you can use your hand), dust colours: moss green, foliage green, yellow plus dusting brush and palette (or plate)



Please note: this class is non refundable and non transferable for either an individual session or the whole term.