Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Mon 7-9pm



 Monday 7-9pm January Start  9 weeks £80 Suitable for all levels.


Characters with cotton reel cake  scene


You will learn how to neatly ice a cake, then to colour and add to it to turn it into a cotton reel, adding small characters such as a dressed mouse, a hedgehog, plus we will make a crocus plant in bud and work on textures to add earth, grass, moss etc.


Cake or dummy You can choose to work on a real madeira cake or a polystyrene cake.  I will be using a  6" round by the same height tall.  Plus two  8" cake drums to sit on top and underneath the cake  (We will cut a hole in the top one)


please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes


Each week please bring: modelling tools (eg PME modelling tool set, optional cerart, minimum of a dresden, ball tool, bone tool, cone tool). small rolling pin, smooth bladed sharp paring knife, small palette knife, edible glue and glue brush (can be made with a pinch of CMC dissolved in an egg cup amount of water), corn flour puff, non stick work board/mat, small sharp scissors, CMC (often called Tylo), selection of food colours including browns and greens. Recommended colours include Squires Kitchen, Sugarflair, Rainbow Dust, Fractal.    Also, a cardboard box to transport your work home. Dusting brushes (the works sell a set of 9 brushes for £3 with blue or pale wood handles and orange bristles which contains some detail brushes and some flat brushes) The works also do economical paint palettes, but the lid of a margarine tub works.



Week 1  6th January 2020 - Discuss design and pumpkin pin cushion - Bring the weekly list plus sugarpaste and CMC or saracino modelling paste.  I will be making an orange pumpkin with a green stalk.  No more than 80-100 grams total.  

Week 2 13th January 2020 - Hedge Hog with thimbles - 120g white saracino modelling paste or similar colour sugarpaste with CMC (I use 1 level tsp mixed into 400g sugarpaste, but never mix it until you are about to use it as it doesn't keep long) Silver dust colour (I use sugarflair satin silver or antique) and mix with either Nielsen massey lemon extract or Culpitt dipping solution. Dusts: pink, brown or chestnut or milk chocolate, nutkin brown or bulrush or chocolate, black, dusting brushes, paint palette.

Week 3 20th January 2020 - Sitting dressed mouse Tailor - Skintone or white saracino modelling paste 100g. We can colour the clothes separately.  Mouse face dusts: pink, brown or chestnut or milk chocolate, nutkin brown or bulrush or chocolate, black, dusting brushes, paint palette.

Week 4 27th January 2020 - continue mouse

Week 5 3rd February 2020 - Crocus plant in bud - Squires Kitchen white sugar florist paste (250g packet), , 26, 28g white wires, nile green florist tape half width. Choice of dust colours eg lemon yellow, tangerine, red for orange or african violet and deep purple for purple.  Plus green colours - lemon yellow, moss green, foliage green, aubergine. Polystyrene to push leaves in to dry.

Week 6 10th February 2020 - Continue crocus

17th February is half term week - no class

Week 7 24th February 2020 - Edges of cotton reels - 2 x 8" round1/2" thick  cake drums. Sugarpaste 1kg, CMC, large rolling pin, autumn leaf paste colour by Sugarflair, vodka or dipping solution or nielsen massey lemon extract, wide flat brush, cake smoother and flexi smoother, paint palette.  A4 sheet of wafer paper or icing sheet.  Food colour pens or detail brushes, dust or gel colours to paint the label.

Week 8 9th March 2020 - Cover the cake - We will learn how to create sharp edges, so even though it is covered, you will still learn the skill - 6" round madeira cakes, enough layers to create 5-6" when stacked, one batch of buttercream 250g block butter whipped until fluffy, then mix in 500g icing sugar and 1tsp flavour. Beat until incorporated.  1kg of white Renshaw Extra. palette knife, smoothers, long rolling pin, flexi smoother, small sharp knife, icing sugar shaker

Week 9 16th March 2020 - Paint the cotton reel and complete - Autumn leaf paste colour by sugarflair, dipping solution, flat wide paint brush, palette, dark brown paste colour.  Sugarpaste with cmc in chosen colour to create effect of thread.   spare chocolate buttercream or ganache to spread on board.  Bourbon and oreo Biscuit crumbs to  spread.  Green sugarpaste and nail brush for scattered grass or colour sponge batter green and bake then break up in class.

Bring all items to assemble onto the cake


**Please note there there is no cancellation, refund or transfer of places on courses or refund of dates that you miss**

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