Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Pretty Witty Academy

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I absolutely loved filming tutorials for Pretty Witty Cakes, now the incredible Pretty Witty Academy, and here they are!  


Here is the link to the site.   go and see for yourself, there are so many incredible tutorials on there.


If you are looking for my tutorials, just search for Rhianydd Webb

Want to see a sample of the tutorials?


This is a free one on Youtube making wafer paper eucalyptus leaves


Here is the link to the youtube

I still have this wafer paper arrangement.  It has travelled up and down the country with me and still looks the same.


Loads and loads of information in this tutorial

Something Blue


There is SO much in this tutorial


- covering with sugarpaste

- marble and concrete texture

- foliage wreath/hoop

- using the dragee kiss to create beaded lattice

- pearl finish top tier

- Assembling sprays

- working with unwired flowers

- using saracino modelling paste to create the drape

- painting with metallics


I think that is enough to keep you going for a while

I loved this wafer paper flowers tutorial.   All brides ask for peonies, roses and ranunculus, but these flowers ahve so many petals, so here I thought it would be great to have ranunculus buds instead.   Something I often suggest to clients when they need to bring the cost down.


This tutorial has a little sneaky extra where I explain how I achieved the cake covering