Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb


Mon am 10-12 Weekly The Ranch Jan 2019


Pantygraigwen Community Centre Monday 10-12 May Start 8 weeks £64
Pantygraigwen Community Centre, Pantygraigwen Road, Pontypridd, RCT CF37 2RR

Sugar flowers on a sharp edge cake

(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments)
Please bring paper and pen for notes

Week 1 13th May - Poppy  - Poppy cutters or use template, Poppy petal veiner or use jem 12 a/b tool, chosen colour of flower paste, black small stamen or black cotton, small amount of green flowerpaste for the middle. 26g white wires, nile green florist tape, chosen dust colours, plus black for red poppy, dust brushes, modelling tools and work board, polystyrene for work

Week 2 20th May - Anenome (not japanese or wood anemone) - rose petal cutters, anenome or poppy veiner or jem 12 a/b tool, black cotton or bunch of black seed head stamen, optional hi tack quite drying craft glue to fix stamen, flowerpaste in chosen colour plus small amount of green flowerpaste, 28g white wires, nile green florist paste, chosen dust colours

Week 3 3rd June - Tulip - simple tulip cutters, tulip or orchid throat veiner (or all purpose petal veiner or jem 12 a/b), 18 or 20g and  28g white wires and nile green florist tape, florist paste in chosen colour, we will make the stamen, semolina coloured yellow for pollen

Week 4 10th June - Catch up or additional flower if others completed - Magnolia

Week 5 24th June - Dust flowers

Week 6 1st July - Assemble flowers

Week 7 8th July - Split and fill and buttercream/ganache cake - 6" round sponge cake approximately 3-4" tall (can be in multiple layers), buttercream to fill (approximately300g), palette knife, bread knife, 8-10" round cake drum, ganache or buttercream to coat outside 500g, metal side scraper, optional ganache plates for 6" or two times thin 6" cake cards, greaseproof paper (cake can be frozen between classes - remove from freezer night before class)

Week 8 15th July - Sharp edge cover  cake and add flower sray - good quality sugarpaste such as renshaw extra, massa ticino (maximum 500g but only need 350g), smoothers, flexi smoothers, rolling pin,

**Please note there there is no cancellation, refund or transfer of places on courses**

Please note there are no refunds or exchanges, so please book carefully