Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb


Monday 7-9pm Garth Olwg Weekly summer Term


Garth Olwg Lifelong Learning Centre Monday 7-9  summer  Start 7 weeks £56
Church Village

Carved watering can with sugar flowers including ivy, wheat, poppy and lavender

Limited places available.  

Suitable for all levels.  

Week 1 13th May - Ivy - ivy leaf cutter and veiner (Jem baby ivy and Aldaval or great impressions ivy veiner), 26, 28g white wires, nile green and brown florist tape, holly/ivy coloured flowerpaste (squires kitchen) or can colour yourself. We will use approximately 30g, dust colours: foliage, forest green, aubergine. Flat wide or filbert dust brush
Week 2 20th May - Wheat - cream coloured flowerpaste (or white and colour), small sharp scissors. 20g white wires, beige florist tape, or white flower tape and cream/brown dust
Week 3 3rd June - Poppy - Red flowerpaste (squires) - or chosen colour approx. 40g , small amount of pale green flowerpaste, 26g white wires, black seed head stamen (or bring white stamen and paint with black dust and vodka mix), Poppy templates for petal shapes will be provided. Poppy petal veiner medium, or use jem 12 a/b frilling stick or dresden, dessert spoons to support petals, pointed tweezers. dust colours: red, spring green, black
Week 4 10th June Lavender -  20g white wire, nile green florist tape, lavender and pale spruce green flowerpaste (maximum 50g), PME small daisy plunger cutter (2-3cms size), lavender, moss green, aubergine dust colours
Week 5 24th June - Watering Can - Bring 8" round cake drum and  carving knife (serrated bread knife), Choose between either 2 x 4" wide polystyrene dummies  can be 3" or 4" tall) (also bring a black bag and carve the dummy inside the bag to reduce mess)  Or Bring:  Rice Krispie Treats (basic recipe is 75g marshmallows, 100g rice krispies, 25g butter. heat marshmallows and butter in microwave until melted, stir in rice krispies, cover and leave for a few hours before use.  ) bring 3 x that recipe. You can push this recipe into a 1kg margarine container or ice cream container lined with clingfilm before class for it to set.  Bring strong sharp knife to cut.  cling film.
ganache - 300ml double or whipping cream boiled to a rolling boil.  pour over 600g dark finely chopped dark chocolate.  leave for two minutes then stir carefully until all blended. cover surface with clingfilm and leave overnight at room temperature. palette knife.  
Ladybird - tiny amount of left over red flowerpaste. black dust colours and vodka, detail brush
Week 6 1st July - Cover Watering Can - Bring - sugarpaste in chosen colour 1kg to cover (I will use Renshaws grey). foil, rolling pin, knife, modelling tools. pastry brush and hot water, silver dust and vodka to paint. large painting brush
Week 7 15th July - Arrange Flowers - Bring: Watering can, flowers, nile green florist tape, strong scissors, wire cutters/pliers, posy pics. Cover board in green or brown sugarpaste and texture with a nailbrush.

**Please note there there is no cancellation, refund or transfer of places on courses**

**Please note there there is no cancellation, refund or transfer of places on courses**