Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb


Tuesday 7-9pm The Ranch Summer Term


The Ranch Tuesday 7-9 January Start 8 weeks £64
Pantygraigwen Rd, Pantygraigwen, Pontypridd, CF37 2RR

Sculpting for all Levels

(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes

Week 1 7th May - Gravity Defying cake with Drip - You choose between 1. a tap dripping paint, or 2. a watering can dripping onto a plant pot or 3. a teapot dripping into a cup on a sponge cake or if you are new to sugarcraft, 4. why not sweets pouring out of a packet.
To Bring:   6" round 4" tall dummy, 12" round cake drum, sandpaper. rubbish bag,  Bread knife, 1kg sugarpaste (terracotta colour for plantpot, your colour choice for dripping paint or cream/beige for sponge cake colour), long rolling pin, icing sugar shaker, cake smoothers including flexi smoothers (optional), pastry brush, sharp knife, box 12" wide and 12" tall (save your cardboard boxes)
Week 2 14th May - gravity defying armature - Bring: Chocolate to melt 100g (no bakers chocolate), spoon, microwave safe bowl, pastry brush
Tap, water can, teapot armature: 12" long hollow tube dowel. 18g wires and florist tape or M6 threaded rod 12" long and 2 x washers and 2 x nuts (plus spanners and glue gun) , Teapot: 3-4" polytyrene ball, sugarpaste in chosen colour, 100g flowerpaste, kebab skewer, water can: max. 6" tall plastic or lightweight tin water can (try Artificial floral supplies)
sweets option armature, a bendy straw and kebab skewer, chosen sweet packet full of sweets
Week 3 21st May - Gravity defying - Drip element - 150g white chocolate, 75g double or whipping cream and chosen gel or paste colour, piping bag, bowl to melt chocolate and spoon. Also bring spare sugarpaste and modelling tools, rolling pin, workboard, edible glue
Week 4 4th June- Gravity defying - complete design - modelling tools, sugarpaste,
Week 5 11th June - Sleeping dragon (rice krispie treats), 12" round cake drum, bread knife, buttercream or chocolate ganache, palette knife, rubber gloves and either butter or vegetable oil
Week 6 25th June - sleeping dragon - Bring: 1kg sugarpaste in chosen colour, small circle or petal cutters either to cut or emboss or bring a selection of sizes of straws to emboss.  modelling tools, rolling pin, knife, palette knife, edible glue and glue brush, CMC
Week 7 2nd July - Sleeping dragon - Bring: as last week plus 2 sheets of A4 wafer paper or 4 sheets of A5.  (you can either colour these before class with an airbrush or you can paint with nielssen massey lemon extract and your chosen colours when we have finished them in class), 18g florist wire, florist tape in chosen colour or white, strong wire cutters, straws or posy pics.
Week 8 9th July Sleeping Dragon - complete - Bring sugarpaste and tools etc plus chosen dust colours, plus vodka or nielssen massey lemon extract and a selection of brushes.  Plus either gold coloured sugarpaste (can paint with gold and the lemon extract) and circle cutters for gold coins, or green sugarpaste and a nailbrush for grass.

**Please note there there is no cancellation, refund or transfer of places on courses - full terms and conditions on the T & C page**