Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb


Tuesday 10-1pm - The Ranch

Previous Subjects

Next weekly courses start in September

Further information will be available  at the end of the summer term.

Subject theme - Water

Weeks 1-3 a sugar water lily.  Weeks 4-8 King Neptune model




Week 1 17/4/18 - Water lily - either water lily petal cutter and veiner or simple leaf cutters or protea cutters plus jem 12 a/b frilling stick.   Leaf cutters and veiners optional (I will give templates), flower paste, 26g, 28g wires and nile green floristry tape, modelling tools, flower pad, non stick board, edible glue, corn flour puff, poly block, trex, pliers, lily hammer head stamen (white or yellow) or hand make with paste - Dusts - Lemon yellow, moss green, foliage green, aubergine, pinks optional

Week 2 24/4/18- as last week

Week 3 15/5/18 – as last week


Week 4  5/6/18 Neptune - Saracino pasta model -  flesh, white, modelling tools (cerart optional), non stick board, glue, corn flour puff, knife, kebab skewer, 24g white wire, pliers, plain iced dummy (4-6" round to display your piece)

week 5 12/6/18 as last week

Week 6. 26/6/18 as last week

Week 7. 3/7/18 as last week

Week 8. 17/7/18 as last week





Pantygraigwen Community Centre Tuesday 17/4/18 10am - 1pm 8 weeks £90

Pantygraigwen Community Centre, Pantygraigwen Road, Pantygraigwen, Pontypridd, RCT CF37 2RR