Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb


Tuesday 10-1pm - The Ranch

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The Ranch Tuesday 10-1 September Start  9 weeks £120

Pantygraigwen Rd, Pantygraigwen, Pontypridd, CF37 2RR


Sugar Flowers displayed with a handcrafted item

Choice of Steampunk hat with your choice of the flowers taught

OR Ginger Jar with your flower choice


(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes


Each week please bring, PME/FMM/Jem modelling tools, non stick board, white florist wires to incl 18, 20, 24, 26, 28g, white nile green florist tape, edible glue and brush, cornflour, Polystyrene dummy and box large enough to hold flowers while working, small sharp scissors, small rolling pin, knife/scalpel. Foam flower pad, Flower paste (I use Squires kitchen) or  Cold Porcelain (a blend of Modena and Artista Soft Deluxe, sugarpaste to cover the “item” , paintbrushes for dusting (I use no.6/8 filbert brushes) and palette, pliers/cutters


Week 1 10/9/19 – Design and Cheese Plant Leaves – Template for shape, Dresden to vein,  Spruce Green or Holly Ivy paste colour for leaves, foil to make a former, dusts to include lemon yellow, moss green, foliage green, forest green or holly/ivy, aubergine

Week 2 17/9/19-  – Large Roses – Rose Petal cutters (either regular or david Austin) and rose petal veiner, Rose leaf cutters and rose leaf veiner, 1” poly rose cone (to your number of roses) for regular rose, or 2” polystyrene ball for David Austin Rose, plus 18 and 24g white wires, white/nile green florist tape, spoons to rest petals, spare paste to cover cone for David Austin rose.

Week 3 24/9/19 –  -  as last week

Week 4 1/10/19- - Bird of paradise -  (or continue roses) Templates for shape, packet of 28g wires or corn husk veiner for veining. 26 and 18g wires, white and nile green florist tape, foil,

Week 5 12/11/19 – Steampunk Hat OR continue Bird of paradise – 2 x 6” wide by 4” tall  straight sided polystyrene dummies, kebab skewers. 10-12” round cake drum, 1kg sugarpaste in chosen colour to cover. Steam punk cog cutters/moulds, large rolling pin, icing sugar shaker, flexi smoothers

Week 6 19/11/19 – Continue Steampunk hat OR Ginger Jar – (steampunk hat as last week) Ginger jar – PME tube dowel or cake straw (central support), 10-12” cake drum, Rice Krispie Treats (300g marshmallows heated in microwave until reaches top of bowl then stir in 300g Rice krispies – stir well and tip into tall cylinder vase lined with clingfilm to set). Sharp serrated knife. Optional ganache to coat, or carve vase neatly. 1-1.5kg sugarpaste in chosen colour. (Knead carved off RKT into the lid shape and cover separately)

Week 7 26/11/19 – Anthurium. OR Rose leaves– (steampunk as last week) Anthurium veiner, 18g wire, flowerpaste in chosen colour, foil and orchard flower stand or shoe box to support flower  Rose Leaves – rose leaf cutter and veiner, 26, 28g wires. Holly ivy/spruce green paste colour, flowerpaste,

Week 8 2/12/19- Plumeria and complete flowers – Plumeria/frangipani cutter and veiner (or thin metal rose petal cutters and rose or all purpose petal veiner), 26, wires, white flowerpaste and chosen dust colours, nice green florist tape.   Chosen dust colours and palette plus nile green florist tape to complete flowers.

Week 9 10/12/19 – Complete  Ginger Jar OR continue steampunk hat – Jar – Hand painting including cocoa butter nibs (I use squires kitchen), dust colours to choice, large number 12 pointed water colour brush and detail brush (could do my Japanese building painting if you wish – no need for large pointed brush), flask for hot water, saucer that site and covers a breakfast bowl – Flowers to add. Steampunk hat – Modelling paste for goggles etc


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