Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Tues 7-9pm The Ranch



Next weekly courses start in September

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The Ranch Tuesday 7-9 Sept Start 10 weeks £80

Pantygraigwen Rd, Pantygraigwen, Pontypridd, CF37 2RR


Circus display incl cute characters and animals 

*Option to use a cake dummy or cake drums


(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes


Week 1 11 September Circus backdrop –  * Cake drum option - 10” or 12” square cake drums x 2. (or one 15mm mdf and one drum)  *Both options require - Glue gun and glue stick. Hammer and 2” nails. Spare 10” cake card and strong scissors to cut for corner wedges. 250g black sugarpaste, 250g cream or brown sugarpaste, nail brush, rolling pin, small sharp knife, non stick board. Red and white sugarpaste (or chosen colour) for circus drapes in background (250-500g) cake smoothers *Cake Dummy option 8" (or 10") square cake dummy (3-4" tall) plus 10" (or 12") square cake drums x 2 plus additional 1.5-2kg sugarpaste to cover the cake plus flexi smoothers

Week 2 25 September Elephant and ball 200g grey pasta model, 1.5-2” polystyrene ball and bright colour paste to cover (ie red and yellow), modelling tools, edible glue and brush, cornflour, knife, rolling pin, workboard (bring these each week)

Week 3 2nd October Lion on platform 125g total beige and brown  or yellow and orange saracino pasta model, 2” round polystyrene dummy, sugarpaste to ice (chosen bright colours)

Week 4 6th November  Tiger and hoop of fire 125g Orange saracino pasta model, modelling tools, black dust or paste colour, nielssen massey lemon extract, paintbrush, small amount of white paste. 20g (or multiple 24, 26g wires), white florist tape, wafer paper, red, orange, yellow dust colours

Week 5 13th   November Ringmaster 150g red and black or black and blue plus gold dust and nielssen massey lemon extract. Kebab skewers or 18g wires and white florist tape

Week 6 20th  November  Ringmaster as before

Week 7 27th November Acrobat 125g Saracino in chosen costume colour plus skintone. 24g florist wires and tape. Wafer paper (1-2 sheets ea) (Rhianydd to bring steamers for those that don’t have them). Dust colours to colour wafer paper skirt and umberella, mixed with nielssen massey lemon extract, paintbrush and palette

Week 8 4th    December  Acrobat as before

Week 9 11th December  Clown – 150g chosen bright colours of saracino pasta model, 18g white florist wires and white florist tape

Week 10 18th December  Finish display (work on whatever needs completing)

Previous Classes


Want to see previous subjects?


Left are subjects the six weekly classes completed in the summer term 2018. My examples left were created alongside the students work so you see it created as well as creating it yourself.


Top row: Tues 7-9, Wed 10-12; Mon 7-9

Bottom: Mon 10-12; Wed 6-8; Tues 10-1


Subjects for the next term are always chosen by existing students who have first refusal on the next term places.

summer term 2018

Inspiration Pics for this terms project