Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb


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Tuesday 10am – 12 pm 8 weeks £48  ONLINE

This is now an online class which will be held with a combination of a fb private group, lives and potentially Zoom shorter sessions for difficult parts


Sculpted Cottage scene which can be personalised with a modelled figure and miniature flowers.

Do you dream of a little cottage on a hill? Maybe there is a cave below the hill with a little hide away and a person inside?  Or perhaps you dream of visiting Hagrid and his hut?  The figure is optional.  This  course is the chance to design and bring your design to reality.  If you have made a cake and a figure, then you are perfect for this course.

(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes


Each week please bring: 

modelling tools, edible glue, cornflour puff, work board, CMC, food colours to suit your design, knife and palette knife, glue brush, ruler, scalpel/cutting wheel


Week 1 21st April – Design and begin carving cottage. 12” round or square drum.  

NB Can choose to use polystyrene dummies or rice krispie treats (Heat 400g marshmallows in a microwave until doubled in size then stir in 380-400g rice krispies. Place into large food safe bag or cover the bowl – make two quantities)

Hillside (optional, can just make cottage/hut on the cake drum) 8-10” dummy (3-4” tall).  Cottage 6-8” round polystyrene for Hagrids hut or a selection of dummies to create the cottage shape of your choosing. Serrated sharp knife. Glue gun and glue sticks, Sandpaper (for polystyrene only),

Week 2 28th April – Begin to cover hill/cottage – Sugarpaste (max of 2kg for the term) and CMC. Sugarpaste colours to suit design, rolling pin, sharp knife, modelling tools, edible glue and brush

Week 3 5th May – Continue with house

Week 4 19th May – Miniature flowers – flower paste or Hearty soft (artista soft clay),  (It is £10 a packet but we can all share a packet), Small plunger circle cutters and blossom cutters.  Any miniature cutters you have (can also show methods for miniature leaves without cutters – bring any leaf veiners), (Wiring the flowers and leaves is optional - 28,30g wires, white, green, brown florist tape,) scissors, modelling tools, flowerpad, piece of polystyrene to put them in.  (NB www.coronetporcelainpaste.co.uk sell great miniature flower cutters)

Week 5 2nd June – Modelled figure (optional, or continue with house/flowers) – 24, 18, 20g florist wires, white florist tape, foil, Saracino (maximum of 250g for hagrid or less for mini figure to include skintone)

Week 6 9th June – modelled figure continued (or continue on house/flowers)

Week 7 23rd June – Catch up week

Week 8 7th July – Complete scene


Payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable should you be unable to attend for any reason whether for one session or for all sessions



This is now an online class, hence the reduced price.


If you would like to join, please book via the shop and email through to confirm your booking.      You will then be told how to search for and request to join the new facebook group where the majority of the class will be held.