Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb


Tuesday 10-1pm

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Tuesday 10-1 January Start  9 weeks £120



Whacky races or Gypsy caravan with cocoa butter painted details in a landscape setting and with a modelled figure.  Vehicle can be on a remote control car base and have lights.

Can be polystyrene, Rice krispies or cake (will not be able to eat it by the time we finish, hence the offers of different  insides).


(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes


Each week please bring:

modelling tools, edible glue, cornflour puff, work board, CMC, food colours to suit your vehicle choice, knife and palette knife, glue brush, ruler, scalpel/cutting wheel


Week 1  7th January 2020 – Armature and carve vehicle –  either buy a DIY remote control chassis kit (approx. £20 on amazon) or Buy a remote control car and take it apart for the wheel base with mechanisms attached and controller – we will construct a base from thick cake board (not drum), need scissors/scalpel, glue gun, serrated knife. Please note, we need to keep the weight down as much as possible.

Whacky races – Can design your own vehicle. Free style using either rkt (see recipe below) or dummy

Gypsy Caravan could be approx. 7"long  x 3" wide by 5"  tall either cut from rice krispies, cake or a polystyrene dummy. Your caravan could be tapered or straight, so have a peek at inspiration pictures before carving.

Caravan body 7" x 5" tall  choose from either rice krispie treats (melt 400g large marshmallows in microwave until they rise to triple their height, then stir in 400g rice krispies - leave  for 30 minutes then  put into containers of a similar size lines with cling film.  we can press them together to fix multiple shapes together, then carve) or bring poly dummy.  

Week 2 14th January 2020 – carve and Cover vehicle - 2kg of sugarpaste (this can be coloured to suit and will be used for both the caravan and all the board decoration) colours to match your choice of caravan, smoother, long rolling pin, flexi smoother, icing sugar shaker, spritzer water bottle, Same coloured sugarpaste to add strips of wood and details

Week 3 21st January 2020 vehicle details– Same coloured sugarpaste to add strips of wood and details

Week 4 28th January 2020 - Painting the caravan or continue adding details - We will paint details with cocoa butter and your chosen dust colours - You can choose swirls or flowers  Bring a side plate and breakfast bowl, superwhite dust, cocoa butter callets (I use squires but a bag can be shared between everyone), sandwich bag or clingfilm to cover the plate for next week, range of paint brushes including detail brushes

Week 5 4th February 2020 -  continue painting or adding details and Board design - Sugarpaste (colour green and brown for earth and grass), nail brush, long rolling pin, tweezers

Week 6 11th February 2020 – Modelled Figure – Saracino in chosen colours, 18g white wires and white florist tape, foil

18th February is half term week - no class

Week 7 25th February 2020 – Modelled Figure continued

Week 8 3rd March 2020 – Modelled figure continued

Week 9 10th March 2020 - Complete design – lit headlights – bring balloon lights (artificial floral supplies) and sugarpaste to fix them in place



Payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable should you be unable to attend for any reason whether for one session or for all sessions



Below are inspiration pics sourced from the internet, but we will be designing our own vehicles.