Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb





Unable to attend a class in person?


This is a brand new style of online class.


in this class, The filmed tutorials will remain on the group for you to watch whenever you like.


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Betsy and Ben

 A brand new online modelling class simplifying modelled figures. Specially reduced price.  The course will be held in a private facebook group.

I will record a demonstration each week that will remain in the group for you to access whenever you want.   Each week I will go live in the group 6:30-9pm on Tuesday the 21st and 28th April and Tuesday the 5th and 19th May. I will demonstrate the figures live to help answer any questions that you can type into the group.  So you can cake a long at the same time as me but will have a demonstration as your reference in the group.  A PDF hand out will be available each week to accompany the course.  


Each week you will need:

modelling tool set including Bone tool, Ball tool, Bulbous cone, Dresden, Cerart K2220 Hard point or cocktail stick, edible glue, cornflour puff, work board, CMC, food colours to suit your design, sharp knife and palette knife, glue brush, ruler, scalpel/cutting wheel

Paste – I will be using Saracino pasta model, but you could also use sugarpaste with CMC.  I mix 1 level tsp of cmc with 400g of sugarpaste, wrap up in a sandwich bag (only mix when you are ready to use it rather than in advance)

You can colour your paste in advance and store in sandwich bags in a Tupperware container ready for the class. You can choose your colours, but I have written what I used for the figures.


Week 1 21st April – Covering the board and Ben Body incl arms legs  

You will need: 6” round cake card or cake drum or a chopping board to sit the figures on ready to be transferred to a cake later.

Green sugarpaste for grass 100g and nailbrush

20g dark green saracino pasta model for trousers (or colour white paste to green), 1g white for socks, 28g beige paste for body and arms, brown for braces and shoes 10g, 17g blue for the ball. Kebab skewer and strong scissors or wire cutters.

Week 2 28th April – Ben head and glasses

You will need: 25g skintone Saracino modelling paste for the head, 17.5g brown for the hair, 2 black 4/5mm dragees, or black paste to roll eyes.  Black and brown food pen or fine paintbrush and either dust or gel colours and vodka or cake alcohol to paint.   Wire for glasses. I used bronze jewellery wire from Artificial floral supplies (24/26g reel) or you can use a 26g florist wire and paint the glasses. 0.75cm diameter dowel or tube to bend the wire around.

Saracino pink dust colour (or sugarflair dusky pink )

Week 3 5th May – Betsy body

You will need: Yellow Saracino modelling paste 34g for the dress. 20g skintone , kebab skewer, 2g brown,

Week 4 19th May – Betsy head and hair

You will need: 25g saracino skintone pasta model; 35g saracino coloured pale caramel (I used rainbow dust caramel gel colour) 5 g white, 2 black dragees 4/5mm or black paste, brown and black food colouring pens or dust/gel and alcohol plus fine brush.