Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Wed 6-8pm Garth Olwg



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summer term 2018

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Left are subjects the six weekly classes completed in the summer term 2018. My examples left were created alongside the students work.


Top row: Tues 7-9, Wed 10-12; Mon 7-9

Bottom: Mon 10-12; Wed 6-8; Tues 10-1


Subjects for the next term are chosen by existing students.

Garth Olwg Lifelong Learning Centre Wednesday 6-8pm May Start 8 weeks £64

Church Village


Sculpted woodland scene including an upright broken tree stump with a standing squirrel, bird and fern stem


(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes



Week 1 8th May - Tree Stump - 6" round 6" tall dummy (can be 2 x 3" tall fixed together with kebab skewers), bread knife, rubbish bag, modelling tools, 12" round drum, 1kg sugarpste, brown paste colours or can airbrush if you have one (please bring cardboard box large enough for cake to go in to airbrush in class), foil

Week 2 15th May - Squirrel - rice krispie treats (minimum 400g (half and half marshmallow to rice krispies), cling film, rubber gloves, vegetable oil or butter to grease hands, 18g florist wires, florist tape, dowels, skewers, ganache (approximately 300g 2:1 dark chocolate to double/whip cream), palette knife

Week 3 22nd May - squirrel - as before, plus up to 1kg sugarpaste, small sharp scissors, modelling tools, palette knife and sharp knife, work board

Week 4 6th June - squirrel - as last week plus colours to include, browns, chestnuts, black, white

Week 5 12th June  - squirrel and toadstool - Flowerpaste, 18g white wire, brown and nutkin brown dust colours, modelling tools, dusting brushes and palette

Week 6 26th June - Fern - Sugar city fern leaf cutters and veiners, 24, 28g white florist wire, nile green florist tape, 50g light green flowerpaste, fern dust colour (squires kitchen), or lemon yellow, moss green, foliage green, skintone or rust dust colours, dust brushes and palette

Week 7 3rd July - Bird - saracino/modelling paste or flowerpaste - plus 18g and 24g white wires and white florist tape, modelling tools, board, knife, optional 3D bird mould by FPC sugarcraft, scalpel

Week 8 10th July  - finishing touches - brown sugarpaste or green sugarpaste plus nailbrush for board, plus optional crushed bourbon biscuits or green coloured sugarpaste blended to crumbs plus green, yellow and brown dust colours and dusting brushes


**Please note there there is no cancellation, refund or transfer of places on courses - full terms and conditions available on the T & C page**

Garth Olwg Lifelong Learning Centre Wednesday 6-8pm January Start 10 weeks £80

Church Village


Sugar flower David Austin Rose, Poppy and Silver leaf arrangement first half of term and your choice of wired armature figure for second half of term


Week 8 6th March - as last week

Week 9 13th March - as last week

Week 10 20th March - as last week but bring dust colours, dust brushes and palette.  Details will be given as the class progresses. There is an option to purchase cerart tools.

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