Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Wed 6-8pm Garth Olwg



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summer term 2018

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Left are subjects the six weekly classes completed in the summer term 2018. My examples left were created alongside the students work.


Top row: Tues 7-9, Wed 10-12; Mon 7-9

Bottom: Mon 10-12; Wed 6-8; Tues 10-1


Subjects for the next term are chosen by existing students.

Garth Olwg Lifelong Learning Centre Wednesday 6-8pm January Start 10 weeks £80

Church Village


Sugar flower David Austin Rose, Poppy and Silver leaf arrangement first half of term and your choice of wired armature figure for second half of term


(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes


Week 1 9th January - David Austin Rose - 1 1/2 - 2" half polystyrene ball. 18g wire, 26/28g white wires. Nile green florist tape. Modelling tools including flower pad, non stick board and rolling pin, corn flour, edible glue and brush, dusting brushes and palette. Polystyrene block to work on. Flower paste (recommended brands include squires kitchen, platinum paste, saracino flower paste, simply heaven), paste colour for your choice of rose, plus dust colours to your choice, to include primrose or lemon yellow, moss green, foliage green, aubergine. Rose petal cutters - individual petal cutters, either metal or FMM, or specific david austin rose petal cutters.  Rose petal veiner.  Rose leaf cutters and rose leaf veiner

Week 2 16th January - as last week

Week 3 23rd January - Silver leaf - either silver leaf cutters and veiner, or oak leaf cutters and all purpose or rose leaf veiner, flower making equipment as listed above, including eucalyptus paste colour, dust colours to include eucalyptus, white, moss green.

Week 4 30th January - Poppy - Flower making equipment as week one, but with poppy petal cutter and veiner (or jem 12 a/b frilling stick instead of veiner and templates). white, pink, yellow, orange or Red flower paste depending on preferred poppy colour, pale green flowerpaste for centre, plus dust colour to match your flower colour (plus black for red poppy), plus moss green, lemon yellow. Black small seed head stamen, nile green florist tape

Week 5 6th February - finishing flowers and wiring up (we will begin the figure this week if the flowers are already completed)

Week 6 13th February - wire armature figure.   Either 16/18g wires plus 24g wires, white florist tape and aluminium foil or 2.5-3mm aluminium wire, 24g white wire, white florist tape and foil. Plus either a 2-3" tall ready iced 4-6" dummy (the icing will weigh down your figure for transport)

Week 7 20th February - Armature, saracino pasta model in chosen colours to include skintone. Modelling tools (Cerart optional), ruler, rolling pin, cornflour and glue, small weighing scales

Week 8 6th March - as last week

Week 9 13th March - as last week

Week 10 20th March - as last week but bring dust colours, dust brushes and palette.  Details will be given as the class progresses. There is an option to purchase cerart tools.