Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Wed 6-8pm Garth Olwg



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summer term 2018

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Left are subjects the six weekly classes completed in the summer term 2018. My examples left were created alongside the students work.


Top row: Tues 7-9, Wed 10-12; Mon 7-9

Bottom: Mon 10-12; Wed 6-8; Tues 10-1


Subjects for the next term are chosen by existing students.



Garth Olwg Wednesday 6=8pm September Start  9 weeks £80

Church Village


Gravity Defying Sloth model on a gravity defying Tree.  You have the option to make the tree in cake or rice krispie treats and will be advised in week one of the quantities.  Please note, the cake will not be still edible by the end of the course.  It is a learning experience.


(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes


Each week please bring, PME/FMM/Jem modelling tools, non stick board, white florist wires to incl 18, 20, 24, 26, 28g, white nile green, red, brown  florist tape, edible glue and brush, cornflour, Polystyrene dummy and box large enough to hold flowers while working, small sharp scissors, small rolling pin, knife/scalpel. Foam flower pad, Flower paste (I use Squires kitchen) or  Cold Porcelain (a blend of Modena and Artista Soft Deluxe, spaintbrushes for dusting (I use no.6/8 filbert brushes) and palette, pliers/cutters


Week 1 11/9/19 – Structure - Learn to create a structure that can be re-used. Please bring::

1 x 12" square MDF 12mm thick

(or 1 x 12" square cake drum and 2 x 12" square cake cards glued together as a sandwich).  

Threaded rods =

1 x 30-35mm long M10 or M12 threaded rod with 4 nuts and 4 washers to match.    

1 x 44cm long M8 threaded rod with 4 nuts and 4 washers to match.

4-6 cable ties (min. 15cm long)

Glue gun and glue sticks

Kitchen foil

Strong Scissors

1 x 12" square cake card

Spanners to match sizes of nuts listed.

4 feet for the base (I cut offcuts from the mdf approximately 1-2" square and glue gun them in place). They can also be screwed in place

Please Message for measurements to pre-drill the holes at home.

You can also purchase the mdf, threaded rod, nuts and washers from me if ordered in advance (minimum 3 days notice required)

Week 2 18/9/19- Horizontal branch and leaves - Foil,  Chosen leaf cutter - I will be using FMM Oak leaf cutter and Aldaval Oak leaf veiner. Squires kitchen flowerpaste (I colour with Sugarflair Spruce green), bring the tools listed at the top. Pale brown sugarpaste (I mix renshaw chocolate brown sugarpaste and white sugarpaste) 1kg

Week 3 25/9/19 – Sloth - 18g wires, 24g wires, white florist tape, foil, wire cutters

Week 4 2/10/19- - Sloth - Saracino white modelling paste, tools listed up the top.

Week 5 13/11/19 – Sloth  - as last week

Week 6 20/11/19 – Sloth complete colour - Dust colours to be discussed in class

Week 7 27/11/19 – Vertical Tree trunk  - Rice Krispie treats 400g large marshmallows heated until the full size of the bowl, then stir in 400g rice krispies. Cover with cling film and bring to class straight after making if possible, or store in large freezer bag straight after making.   Or Bake cake tall enough to cover the armature (minimum of 4" wide circles - approximately 4-5  x 3" tall madeiras plus buttercream and ganache) Cling film, knife. 2kg pale brown sugarpaste, foil, tools as listed above.

Week 8 4/12/19- Continue tree  - colouring and adding leaves, lichen, moss  -  you may use an airbrush if you have one. PLease bring a large cardboard box to put your piece in while you work.  colours: brown, green, black.  Kitchen Roll. Dusting brushes and culpitt dipping solution if dusting or painting. Palette. You will receive a moss recipe to create at home.

Week 9 11/12/19 – Complete Piece and cover ground with earth, pebbles, scattered leaves, water, grass





Terms and Conditions


*Please note that the ingredients and equipment are to be added in here before the start of term.

There will be an option for you to purchase the pre-cut MDF and Threaded rods, nuts and washers . Please contact by minimum of three days before the class to order  these.


This class is suitable if you can already ice cakes and wish to move into sculpted cakes working with armatures. It is not suitable for Beginners




**Please note there there is no cancellation, refund or transfer of places on courses - full terms and conditions available on the T & C page**