Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Wed 6-8pm Garth Olwg



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Garth Olwg Wednesday 6-8 Sept Start 10 weeks £80

Church Village


Geisha scene with cloud tree, bridge and Koi stream * cake dummy option available


(please note the gaps in the schedule. These are due to school holidays or my other teaching commitments) Please bring paper and pen for notes


Week 1 12th  September  Board decoration-  12” round cake drum. Min. 1 kg sugarpaste, and paste colours to include yellow, spruce green, shadow grey, dark brown. Nailbrush. Modelling tools, non stick board, edible glue, corn flour, rolling pin. 15mm ribbon 50” (1.5m) chosen ribbon colour, pritt stick and scissors or double sided tape. CMC. Very small daisy cutter. White flower paste * Cake Dummy option - Bring all of above as well as this - 8-10" round cake dummy, 3-4" tall, addditional 1.5kg sugarpaste, cake smoothers incl flexi smoothers

Week 2 26th  September Board decoration – as last week

Week 3 3th October Bridge – 200g flowerpaste or pastillage. Red paste colour. Tools/pin/board; cutting wheel, scalpel. Katy sue trellis mould, or cut and fix strips by hand for bridge. Empty kitchen roll tube, clingfilm, scissors. Flower pad or lumpy foam to rest pieces on to dry.

Week 4 10th October  Assemble bridge and model lamp – as last week, incl dry pieces.  Royal icing and piping bag for assembly. Spray glaze or bottle of confectioners glaze and brush; grey sugarpaste and cmc or flowerpaste, nailbrush; modelling tools as before.

Week 5 7th   November Tree – 18g. 24, wires, brown florist tape, holly green flowerpaste or white and colour with spruce green. Nailbrush, foil, kebab skewers, modelling tools etc, coconut, spruce green colour, vodka, Tupperware container to colour coconut; piping gel

Week 6 14th   November  Tree – as last week

Week 7 21st November – Geisha saracino pasta model in chosen colours to include skintone, white, black modelling tools (if you have cerart, bring no.2 round, no.2 taper and hard point),

Week 8 28th November  - Geisha as last week incl sheet wafer paper, dust colours and lemon extract and paint brushes to paint umberella. Black jewellery wire from artificial floral supplies or black metallic wires from Vanilla valley. Pliers/cutters, modelling tools and edible glue.

Week 9 4th December  Geisha as last week

Week 10 12th December Geisha and complete

summer term 2018

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