Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb

Wed 6-8pm Garth Olwg



Next weekly courses start in September. Further information will be available at the end of the summer term.

   Wednesday 6-8pm  Garth Olwg Lifelong Learning Centre 8 weeks £60


Subject - Traditional Alice in Wonderland themed

Rice krispie treat toadstool with internal armature, details to include the Cheshire cat, caterpillar, roses with faces, potion bottle, moss and checkerboard


Equipment needed each week:  modelling tools, non stick board, edible glue and paint brush, corn flour puff, small rolling pin, small sharp knife, scalpel, palette knife





Week 1 18/4/18 Cheshire cat - saracino pasta model (up to 250g) - pinks, white, skin, board and box to store your work


Week 2 25/4/18 - Caterpillar - Saracino pastas model (up to 250g)- azurre blue, celeste blue, small amount of dusky pink, gold lustre dust and liquid shiny or glaze or nielssenmassy lemon extract to paint shoes, one 28g white florist wire (I will bring)


Week 3 16/5/18 - Sugar roses with faces - flower paste in chosen colour for roses, fmm rose petal cutters (set of 5), flower pad, saracino pasta model skin, optional face mould, I will also demonstrate a face, cupcake cases to rest flowers in


Week 4 6/6/18 - Roses with faces continued - dust colours to compliment chosen flower colours, plus sugarflair skintone dust or saracino skintone dust, brown dust, pink dust, half inch thick paintbrushes, palette


Week 5 13/6/18 - Potion Bottles, cards - saracino pasta model celeste blue left overs from previous items, 100g white flower paste for the cards, either black and red food colouring pens, or fine brushes and dust or paste colours plus nielsen massey lemon extract for painting


Week 6 27/6/18 - Toadstool Armature - 12" round or square sheet of MDF (12mm or 18mm thick - pre-drilled with 10mm hold in the centre and four feet attached to the base (can be offcuts of timber glued or screwed to the base) 10" length of M10 threaded rod (B & Q) plus 4 M10 washers and 4 M10 nuts, 6" round cake board (not drum or very thin cake card. If in doubt bring 2-3 cake cards) glue gun, spanner to fit the M10 nuts, sharp scissors or bradwl to make hole in the cake cards, or pre-drill with same size hole (we will assemble all this in class).  Rice krispie treats (quantity to be confirmed - basic recipe 1 tbsp butter, 70g marshmallow, 100g rice krispies to be multipied to suit), cling film, can wear gloves, chocolate, bowl, hair dryer, palette knife, pastry brush


Week 7 4/7/18 - Ice the toadstool - sugarpaste: white 2kg (some for next week) and red 750g, rolling pin, sharp knife, icing sugar, palette knife, pastry brush, modelling tools, dusts: cream, brown, nutkin brown, aubergine, palette, half inch wide flat brushes


Week 8 18/7/18 - Finishing touches incl moss, checkerboard - previous items made, 250g black sugarpaste, remaining white sugarpaste, green sugarpaste 250g, new nail brush,