Dragons & Daffodils School

by Rhianydd  Webb





This class is now an online class, hence the reduced price.


It is available to book via the shop.  Please email me when you have booked for information on how to join the private fb group.

summer term 2018

Previous Classes


Interested in the subjects on offer?

Left are subjects the six weekly classes completed in the summer term 2018. My examples left were created alongside the students work.


Top row: Tues 7-9, Wed 10-12; Mon 7-9

Bottom: Mon 10-12; Wed 6-8; Tues 10-1


Subjects for the next term are chosen by existing students.

Wednesday 6-8pm April start 8 weeks £48 ONLINE


This class will now be an online class and will be taught using a private FB group and fb lives and potentially also with shorter Zoom meetings. Once you have booked, please email for instructions on how to join the new group.


Garden scene including a figure of your choice sat under a tree with a swing on either a covered cake dummy or cake board with picket fence, dry stone wall and an isomalt pond or stream.

Each week please bring: modelling tools, work board, glue and brush, rolling pin, corn flour, box for your work.


Week 1 29th April - Tree - 30g wires, optional mini leaf cutters  and mini or regular leaf veiner (www.coronetporcelainpaste.co.uk sell great mini cutters) can also show how to make mini leaves without cutters, but bring veiner, modelling tools, flowerpaste or Artista soft heart soft deluxe (one pack can be shared between a number of people but is non edible), polystyrene

Week 2 6th May - Swing base, Picket fence and dry stone wall) - Flowerpaste or pastillage in chosen wood colour (can be painted from white), modelling tools, board, foam pad or sponge to dry items, sugarpaste and cmc

Week 3 20 May - Cover cake/board - green sugarpaste (spruce green and melon or pre-coloured), rolling pin, modelling tools, nailbrush,

Week 4 3rd June - Assemble tree - 18g wires, foil, brown florist tape, leaves already made, pliars/strong scissors, dust colours to suit - greens, aubergine, yellow, or reds, burgundy, aubergine, florist tape - greens or red/burgundy, scissors

Week 5 24th June -  Modelled figure - Could be a fairy or character of your choice sitting under the tree. Bring Saracino (maximum 250g to include skintone and chosen colours or white which can be coloured), kebab skewer. Modelling tools (there will be an option to buy cerart at class),  I will show faces, but you have the option to use moulds.

Week 6 1st July - Continue figure

Week 7 8th July - Continue figure/add details

Week 8 15th July - Isomalt stream - Pre-cooked isomalt (clear and blue or green gel colours), Foil, silicone container to melt , cotton gloves, rubber or nitrile gloves (will wear both at the same time to protect hands)


Please note: this class is non refundable and non transferable for either an individual session or the whole term.